How I Got Here:

Some time ago I added, “Maker” to my list of me.
     I didn’t really see it coming. First, I started learning to knit with real wool. I met sheep and felt their wooly lanolin coats. Wool has been used for centuries not only for clothing but for insulation, bedding and more. I started felting wool, both
wet and needle process, dying wool and chasing sheep to my delight anywhere I could find them. I loved working the magic to see wool turn into fabric and other items. 
     Then I purchased a sewing machine. Oh, My Stars! Fabric. The colors, the themes, the quality. I was taken. This now meant I had to sew because I loved the fabrics. And so it goes. Out came quilts, fancy pillowcases, totes…
     Then came natural dying of silk and cotton fibers. Ah, this brought me out to the garden, the fields and forests. I learned to use the sun’s heat to make solar dyes. I started playing with what I could do with one dye on top of another and how to create a design in the fabric. I was gone…or I arrived…into the rabbit hole and out to being a crazy, color driven, organic alchemist ready to try and experiment with all sorts of natural stuff: leaves, acorns, walnuts, chestnuts, marigolds, madder root, avocado peels, rust, flowers and other growing stuff. Stay tuned as I continue my adventure.
Peace & Grace,
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